Staff of Para Hills Veterinary Clinic

Para Hills Veterinary Clinic StaffKate Finney, Practice Manager

As Para Hills Veterinary Clinic’s practice manager, Kate’s duties include nurse rosters, accounts payable and receivable, data entry and payroll, as well as veterinary nursing duties, including anaesthetic monitoring, nail clipping, assisting veterinarians during examinations, and helping keep the hospital clean. She has an Associate's degree in Applied Science from the University of Adelaide and is a certified veterinary nurse. Kate joined our practice in November 2000.

"I like the way we treat everyone who comes into the clinic as a family friend," she says. "We are a group of people who are genuinely concerned about our clients' pets as if they were our own pets. We have a group of very experienced vets. They all strive to help every animal that walks through the door no matter how big or small. We're just an awesome team!"

Kate is kept very busy by her two young children and the family's many pets: two dogs named Holly and Bobby; four cats names Merlot, Chardie, Shiraz and Edgar; three guinea pigs named Blondie, Blacky and Bluey; a pigeon; and a cockatiel named Wilma. She spends her time feeding and caring for her animals and cleaning.

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Para Hills Veterinary Clinic StaffDenise Renner, Senior Veterinary Nurse

Denise has been a valuable member of the Para Hills Veterinary Clinic team since 2000. As a senior veterinary nurse, her responsibilities include anaesthesia, surgical nursing, banking, petty cash, ordering supplies, cleaning and reception. She has completed her Certificate IV in veterinary nursing.

"I love the medical aspect of my job and helping animals and their owners," she says. "I love the science involved and the challenges each day presents with different cases, species and their treatments."

In her free time Denise enjoys camping, fishing, four wheeling, the beach and spending time with friends. She has four pets: Mango, a Labrador mix, Ava, a Golden Retriever, Skittles, a domestic shorthair cat and Terry, a long-necked tortoise.

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Para Hills Veterinary Clinic StaffAnnie Keros, Senior Veterinary Nurse

Annie joined the Para Hills Veterinary Clinic team in July 2013. As our senior veterinary nurse, her responsibilities include assisting during surgery, X-rays, monitoring animals under anaesthesia during surgery and in recovery, ordering laboratory supplies, clinic invoices and stock control. She has completed her Certificate IV in veterinary nursing. Annie especially enjoys surgery and emergency cases, as well as sharing important pet care information with our clients.

Annie is a registered Bengal cat breeder and a member of the Veterinary Nurses Council of South Australia. At home, she cares for six Bengal cats, a bull mastiff, tropical cichlids, two lorikeets, and a green tree frog. Annie enjoys spending her free time with her family and pets, reading, going to the movies, dining out and baking for her work mates.

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Para Hills Veterinary Clinic StaffJenny Short, Senior Veterinary Nurse

Jenny joined the Para Hills Veterinary Hospital team in May 2012. She has completed her Certificate IV in veterinary nursing and her responsibilities include monitoring anaesthetics, answering phones, cleaning and reception. She especially appreciates seeing our hospitalized patients recover and go home wagging their tails.

"I enjoy working at Para Hills Vet Clinic as animal welfare is each staff member’s number one priority," she says. "We all get along as a team and can have a laugh together as well as maintaining a professional workplace. We all enjoy our jobs!"

Jenny has a Labrador named Abby. Outside work, Jenny enjoys travel, spending time with family and friends and taking Abby for walks on the beach.

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Para Hills Veterinary Clinic StaffJill Weinert, Clinic Manager, Senior Veterinary Nurse & Puppy Preschool School Coordinator

Jill joined Para Hills Veterinary Clinic in February 2008 and loves everything about her job, which includes veterinary nursing duties, running our puppy school and reception. She has over 20 years of experience caring for animals.

At home, Jill cares for two dogs of her own: Jessie, an English Staffordshire Terrier and Scruffy, a Jack Russell mix.

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Para Hills Veterinary Clinic StaffSarah Orr, Veterinary Nurse & Puppy School Educator

Sarah joined the Para Hills Veterinary Clinic team in January 2013 and is pursuing her Certificate IV in veterinary nursing. Her responsibilities include monitoring patients, assisting anesthetics, assisting our veterinarians, admitting and discharging patients, cleaning and running puppy preschool classes. This field has been my passion since I was young," she says. "My passions are helping all animals in need and offering the best health care possible. This clinic enables me to develop my skills at an advanced level."

Outside work, Sarah is a registered breeder of golden retriever, shows golden retrievers and is a member of the Golden Retriever Club of South Australia. She has five golden retrievers of her own: Keely, Kobe, Laiken, Hallie, and Tully. She also has a ragdoll cat named Jensen and a domestic shorthair cat named Jemy. Her hobbies also include taking her dogs swimming and for walks in the park.

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Para Hills Veterinary Clinic StaffMartika Christensen, Veterinary Nurse

Martika Christensen is a Veterinary Nurse at our animal hospital. Her daily duties include reception, assisting the vets with consultations and hospital patients, taking x-rays, monitoring animals in hospital and in recovery, cleaning duties, and dog wash. She joined our team in 2015, but she’s been employed in animal-related positions since 2012.

“I enjoy offering knowledge and assistance to clients and caring for animals in need of our care,” Martika explains.

Martika is the pet parent to two dogs named Rubi and Bozo, as well as a cat named Biscuit. When she’s not at work, Martika enjoys baking, catching up with friends and family, and spending time with her animals.

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Para Hills Veterinary Clinic StaffMikaela Harbottle, Trainee Veterinary Nurse

Mikaela joined the Para Hills Veterinary Clinic team in March 2013 and is pursuing her Certificate IV in veterinary nursing. Her clinic responsibilities include reception, animal care, communicating with our clients, cleaning, assisting anaethestics, monitoring patients, and assisting our veterinarians.

"I enjoy being able to help the animals in need. Unfortunately, animals don't have voices so it's up to us to be able to determine what they're feeling and assist in their road to recovery," she says. "Nothing makes me happier than to see an animal who was brought in unwell walk out the door healthy."

In her free time Mikaela enjoys spending time with friends, playing netball and exploring the Adelaide hills.

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Para Hills Veterinary Clinic StaffSheridan Lee-Archer, Trainee Veterinary Nurse

Sheridan joined Para Hills Veterinary Team in January 2011. She is pursuing her Certificate IV in veterinary nursing. Her responsibilities include answering phones, monitoring anaesthesia, customer service, assisting our veterinarians and cleaning.

"I like working at this clinic because the staff here are like family," she says. "They are always there when you need them."

At home Sheridan lives with four snuggly, cute pugs. She enjoys spending her spare time with friends and family, or curled up on the couch with a good book or movie.

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Para Hills Veterinary Clinic StaffSharni Whitehead, Trainee Veterinary Nurse

Sharni joined the Para Hills Veterinary team in January 2014. Always smiling and efficient, her responsibilities include assisting our veterinarians and nurses when needed and keeping the clinic clean. She is enrolled in Roma Mitchel Secondary College.

"The Para Hills Veterinary Clinic is where I grew up and all the people in the clinic are like my second family," she says. "Everyone is very respectful and always has a smile on their face."

Sharni has two dogs, Jessie and Scruffy, and a guinea pig named Caramel. She spends her time outside work at school, playing soccer or dancing.

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Para Hills Veterinary Clinic StaffJade Nicholls, Kennel Hand

Jade Nicholls joined Para Hills Veterinary Clinic as a Kennel Hand in March of 2015. Her job responsibilities include general reception, assisting the veterinarians, caring for animals within the clinic and cleaning. She is studying for her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing online through Open Colleges.

“I love working here as everyone is really friendly, supportive and helpful. We really work as a team and rely on each other,” Jade says. “Each staff member brings different attributes and knowledge to the clinic so there is always so much to learn.”

At home, Jade cares for two cats named Bella and Muffy, as well as 10 Muscovy ducks. In her free time she enjoys catching up with family and friends, caring for her animals, traveling and floristry.

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